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I completed my 200hr Yoga teacher training in Glasgow under June Mitchell and Judi Farrell’s amazing teaching! During this course I have learnt so much about different yoga styles, anatomy, physiology, meditation…you name it!
My first ever yoga class was a Vinyasa Flow with one of the most inspiring people I met to date, Laura McCrimmon. Ever since that class a few years ago, I adopted the teachings of Vinyasa. I often attend other style classes, mainly Ashtanga and Iyengar.
I have a degree in Physiology, a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from University of Glasgow, and a PhD in Cardiac Bioengineering.
As a Yoga teacher, I am interested in Biomechanics and anatomy, and how Yoga can help with injuries.

I have trained with Celest Pereira, Taylor Harkness, Coral Brown and will soon undertake training with 'Doctor Yogi' Matthew Huy.

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